Potpourri Fixens
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Bowl Filler - Live Love Laugh
Live, Love Laugh Primitive Bowl Filler

Each includes cinnamon oil for scenting and refreshing. Includes 3-4 cups of botanicals and signs saying Live, Love and Laugh...more

Price: $12.95

Fixens - Snowball Fight
Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight potpourri fixins come with fragrant wax snowballs! Surely a winter favorite! Scented in candy cane scent. Smells amazing! This also has frosted cones mixed with the hips and stix....more

Price: $9.95

Bowl Filler - Winter
Winter Bowl Filler

This is a set of 3 gourds saying either warm winter wishes ,or Believe w/ 2 stars. This is for the gourds only add them to your own fixens or just on a shelf. ...more

Price: $12.95

Bowl Filler - Fall
Fall Bowl Filler

These are a set of 2 gourds with sayings on them, choose from sweet autumn or harvest welcome. set them on a shelf, in a bowl by themselves or in some of you favorite fixens.

Please remember to choose your Scent....more

Price: $12.95

Bowl Filler - 2 Old Crows
Two Olde Crows (Cinnamon oil)

Has wax crows, cinnamon stixs and little pumpkins. Makes a great display!...more

Price: $12.95

Bowl Filler - First Snow
First Snow

This is a blend of wax snow flakes, rose hips, small pine cones and cinnamon sticks. The wax pieces can be melted in any wax warmer you may have. ...more

Price: $12.95

Bowl Filler - Better Not Pout
Better Not Pout

This blend has 2 mini signs which read naughty and nice, wire glasses and a grungy santas list to accent the preserved cedar tips (will last for years) frosted cones and more! This blend comes with our Country Christmas oil... it has a great fragrance of apple, berries with...more

Price: $12.95

Bowl Filler - Jingle Bell
Jingle Bell Bowl Filler

Our new Jingle Bell bowl filler includes mix with large and small rusty bells, mini signs, and baked apple pie oil for scenting. You'll Love it! ...more

Price: $12.95

Bowl Filler - Country Christmas
country Christmas

Country Christmas Fixins... comes with cinnamon sticks, little frosted cones, berries mixed with red and green very country! Scented in Country Christmas fragrance... great for the winter season and holidays....more

Price: $12.95

Fixens - Ginger Babies
Ginger Babies Fixens

A great mix of rosehips, cinnamon sticks and wax gingerbabies!...more

Price: $7.95

Potpourri Fixens
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